Menus and Spirits


Estreia’s menu features a delicious selection of food choices. Beginning with delightfully designed starters and salads, our menu also offers a variety of Fish, Fowl and Beef entrees, and tasty dessert options. The full menu changes with the times of year and is updated and adjusted for each new season.


Estreia’s Spirits menu offers a hand picked assortment of wines and spirits. The variety of wines, beers, and mixed drinks are sure to please any connoisseur. An experienced sommelier is available to recommend the perfect pairing to enhance and compliment the flavor of each dish.
wine/beer menu


our kashrus standards
Estreia is under the Kashrus supervision of the KCL. We have a Mashgiach Temidi on premises at all times. All lettuce is purchased from Positiv,
and our micro greens are personally examined by an expert in bug-free produce. All meat and poultry is Bet Yosef and chassidishe shechita.